Funding Opportunities

From time to time funding is made available from various sources to help offset the cost of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure. As the Coalition becomes aware of these opportunities they will be posted in this section of the web site. Those Stakeholders that have an email address on file will also receive notification. If you or your organization are not currently a Stakeholder in the Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition, you may become one by filling our MOU, which is available in the Stakeholders section of this site.

In the past funding has been available from the following sources:


NYSERDA also offers funding through its Alternative Fuel Vehicle Programs:

NYS Clean-Fueled Bus Program provides funds to state and local transit agencies, municipalities, and schools to cover up to 100% of the marginal cost of new alternative-fuel buses and infrastructure.

NYS Clean Air School Bus Program provides funds to school districts to cover up to 100% of the costs of purchasing and financing emissions-reduction technology.

Special Projects grants from the Department of Energy can help financeniche applications of AFVs such as airport shuttles, municipal trucks, and private delivery vehicles.

NYS Clean Cities Challenge provides funds on a competitive basis to fleets to cover the marginal costs of AFVs and infrastructure.

The Biofuel Initiative: Driving Energy Independence for the Empire State provides funding to retail fueling facility owners to distribute E85 and biofuels, and to petroleum terminal operators to store, blend, and distribute biofuels.

The Diesel Idling Reduction Program is in the process of being developed, and it will fund idle-reduction technologies, i.e. electrified parking spaces for trucks, coolant heaters for buses, and auxiliary power units for refrigeration.

For more information on NYSERDA’s AFV programs, funding opportunities, and how to apply, please visit

If you are aware of, or have received funding from, a source that is not listed above, please let us know. We will be happy to share it with the rest of the Coalition.